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BioMart is the nation’s largest and most trusted biohazard cleaning company served over 2000 locations across 50 states in the United States. Our ultimate goal is to keep environment clean across the nation by efficiently handling all the emergency situations. We provide reliable and efficient cleaning, removing and disposal services. Whether you need help cleaning up a unattended death or a homicide, crime scene or trauma scene, biohazard or hazardous material, blood or medical waste, hoarding or junk removal our team is ready to help you. Since 1998, BioMart has made biohazard cleaning services hassle-free so that you can get a better environment.  For Free Consultation Call 18886291222
For more than 25 years, we are for ever and a day providing nationwide professional and compassionate facilities to families and businesses after traumatic activities.  We believe that though you've seen it altogether, biohazard cleanup is a job best left to endorsed professionals who are trained, equipped, and critically prepared to step in and receive care of monstrous and potentially dangerous materials. There are many important reasons to call us otherwise of taking around the task yourself.  Our certified technicians and office staff are trained to communicate considering our customers as soon as compassion, clarity, and transparency, helping you to greater than before believe on our further options and remediation process.

BioMart Cleaners stands by our dedication to our work. It’s our mission as a cleaning company and as professional team to treat you with the care, compassion and to be there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a higher standard of service that you deserve. 

Whether you regarding in the wake of a traumatic incident or seeking a substitute biohazard remediation abet for your place of matter, don’t hesitate to reach us and ask how we can be of instruction. 

We’re here to help in your greatest period of need.

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Whatever you need to clean up – from a crime scene or hazardous material to blood waste or even an unattended death, we’re up to it!

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With more than 25 years of experience, all our cleaning professionals are ready to keep the dirt off your environment!

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Just compare our shockingly low pricing and the mind-blowing rates that other USA-based cleaning companies have.


All our most advanced tools and cleaning solutions that we use are clinically certified, ecologically friendly and safe to use.

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We really understand of situations and honest about pricing.

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It was such a pleasure to deal with your team, knew exactly how to deal with our issue and resident. Will keep Biomart as a permanent vendor for our management company. Thank you Josh!

John Bucker Los Angeles, CA

Excellent service, professional and pleasant at a fair price. They are very skilled and thorough in cleaning a hoarder's apartment with human waste and decayed food safely and thoroughly in quick time. Biomart was recommended to us by our local hospital's operations people.

Jennifer Louis Chicago, IL

Professionalism all around. The technicians knew exactly what they were doing. Cleaned out my uncles house that had a lot of old junk , and kept important paperwork and memorabilia. Thank you so much guys!

Garry Trot Miami, FL
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crime scene cleanup services
What is crime scene cleanup?
June 18, 2021

Crime scene cleanup is a help provided to residence and business owners after a traumatic incident occurs in savings account to speaking a premises. Quite often, after the police manageable a scene, there are various hazardous materials and crime scene psychoanalysis materials left astern. Some examples would be blood, visceral unstructured and fingerprint dust. Even though the coroner is held responsible for removing the body from the scene, these aforementioned hazards are left for the habitat or business owner to remove. Due to the dangerous and damaging aspects of the hazards due to blood borne pathogens.

crime scene cleaning services in usa
How is crime scene cleanup performed?
Aug 09, 2021

Depending in fable to the type of scene and the intensity of flashing, each crime scene is approached differently. However, the method for removing blood and mammal fluids has a general process. First, our technicians will sever mixed items that can be discarded such as clothing, little disposable items, and nonessential furniture which cannot be cleaned. Once the place is tidy of these items, the technicians begin using a chemical do that cleans blood and eradicates blood borne pathogens upon right to use. Every inch of the affected place is treated gone this solution.

best award winning certified crime scene cleaners in usa
Who does crime scene cleanup services?
July 20, 2021

Crime scene cleanup facilities are performed by companies known as crime scene cleanup companies. Crime scene cleanup companies employ technicians which possess proper certifications, knowledge, realization and equipment in remediation and properly cleaning a broad variety of blood and visceral fluids from various types of surfaces, locations and items.