Looking for a Crime Scene Cleanup, Hazmat Cleanup, Trauma Cleanup, Blood Cleanup, Death Cleanup, or Biohazard Cleanup in Auburn?

BioMart Cleaners is the most trusted biohazard & crime scene cleanup service provider in Auburn,AL, having more than 25 years of cleaning & disinfection experience in biohazards, crime scenes, suicides, homicides, unattended deaths, trauma scenes, blood, and other hazardous materials & situations. Call Now 18886291222

Services we offer

An advanced Biohazard Cleanup


We pay for quick & professional biohazard cleaning solutions for those who locate themselves in habit of support due to a traumatic experience or a tragic event.

We are comprehensible to put occurring to in the clean-up of potentially bio-hazardous situations near you.


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Certified Crime Scene Cleanup


Our Crime Scene Cleanup processes are performed once care, compassion & dedication.

Our nationwide network of terribly experienced crime scene cleaning experts is approachable 24X7 close you.


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Unattended Death Cleanup


Most commonly unattended death happens in the same way as someone resides alone or doesn t have relatives or connections who can check on them regularly.

In these cases, after death, the body is not found for days, weeks, or in some cases, months. BioMart s death cleaners can back up In that situation.


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Cleanup of a Trauma Scene is Easy Now


We put on an act in very specialized obscure equipment for removing, cleaning, decontaminating, and sanitizing bio-hazardous material and mitigating other loss and contamination caused by pathogens, bacteria, chemicals, and contaminants gift at a trauma scene.

We have a highly experienced attributed team of trauma cleanup experts in Auburn, who are dedicatedly in action to handle these situations.


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Homicide Cleanup or a Suicide Cleanup


Each year in the US, Thousands of people are faced subsequent to the immediate loss of a loved one due to suicide or homicide.

Let us condense the emotional trauma though providing you the reassurance next a guarantee of erasing everything bio-signs of the goings-on that occurred.

Our Homicide Cleanup or Suicide Cleanup team can Help you any time.


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Professional Blood Cleanup Services


Blood cleanup should never be taken lightly.

As professional blood cleanup specialists, our cleaners sanitize and modernize the safety of residential, commercial, industrial, and public areas.

Our encouragement includes the cleanup of blood spills and losses, bodily fluids, gross filth, and infected crime scenes.


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Hazmat Cleaning & disinfection


Biomart works across every ration of USA and with offers hazmat Cleanup services for any emergencies, or general hazmat for both Private and Business clients.

We are abundantly equipped in the melody of the most radical equipment & a ascribed pro team to give the machinery required to gain the job the end properly upon time.

With the put in the works to of our masters of hazmat cleaning & the latest machinery & tech equipment, we can depart the hazardous material affected area clean, safe, tidy, and mostly assist to how it was previously.


24/7 EMERGENCY HELPLINE – 18886291222

We help with Hoarding Cleanup


Biomart has a team of special hoarding cleanup specialists. Cleanup of your unwanted items is forlorn the starting job.

Our hoarding cleaning team can provide you later a comprehensive & superior clean experience as ration of our hoarding cleanup services.


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BioMart Cleaners Services
BioMart is the Nation’s Largest and Most well-liked Biohazard Cleaning Company Served Over 20000 Locations Across 50 States in the United States Since 1995.

Our ultimate target is to save the environment tidy across the nation by efficiently handling everything emergency situations. We provide honorable and efficient cleaning, removal, and disposal services. Whether you need back cleaning in the works an unattended death or a homicide, crime scene or trauma scene, biohazard or hazardous material, blood or medical waste, hoarding or junk removal our team is ready to put happening to you. Since 1998, BioMart has made biohazard cleaning services hassle-free for that reason that you can gain a enlarged environment. Learn More 

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