Biohazard Cleanup

At Biomart we provide biohazard cleanup services designed to clean, sanitize, and deodorize homes and businesses.  Learn more here about how our team of trained trauma cleanup technicians clean biohazard scenes.

Blood Cleanup

Blood can carry pathogens and viruses that can be harmful when left in an open environment.  If you have had a medical accident, death, or any traumatic incident that has left blood on your property, we have blood cleanup services that can help you.  Read more here.

Crime Scene Cleanup

When Biomart was founded we were one of the only crime scene cleanup services in the United States.  We have strict protocols that enable us to efficiently clean a crime scene or death scene.  Learn more about how we do crime scene cleanup here.

Hoarding Cleanup

Has a loved one become a hoarder?  You may have found out recently that you need to hire help for hoarding cleanup.  We have several plans available of our hoarding cleanup services, learn more here.

Hazmat Cleanup

Hazmat cleaning is the cornerstone of what our company does.  Any time someone dies and leaves behind blood or human fluids, you need our hazmat cleanup services.  Learn how our hazmat cleanup company serves the public good.

Trauma Scene Cleanup

Biomart specializes in trauma scene cleanup.  A trauma scene can be any accident or death, that has left biological or biohazardous material such as human debris or blood on a property.

Homicide/Suicide Cleanup

Whether you have has a homicide at your home or a suicide, there is a good chance there was blood or fingerprint dust left at the scene.  Our company comes in and cleans the home to remove any of the biohazards left at the property.  Learn more about our homicide cleanup and suicide cleanup services here.

Unattended Death Cleanup

Unattended deaths are becoming more common and leave behind large amounts of bodily fluids, decomposed human debris, and odors.  Our company comes in an performs the needed cleaning for an unattended death.  Learn more about our unattended death cleanup services here.


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